Wednesday, 19 March 2008

nutty delights - lemon macadamia cupcakes

i'm still lovin' lemon these days and recently bought a bag of macadamia nuts from our local Sunday market and wanted to use them up. i modified an earlier recipe i used on my little lemon delights that orginally came from a blog called the cupcakery. i halved the recipe because i only wanted to make 12 and substituted 1/2 cup of the flour with ground macadamias and then also added in another 1/2 cup of roughly chopped macadamias.

i found that the ground macadamias added a nice nutty texture to the baked cupcake...more substance. i iced them with lemon cream cheese icing and experimented with decorations. i must admit that when it comes to mixing liquid food colouring, you never really know what final result you are going to get (is this just me, or do others have this problem?) i can't say i planned for the green that i finally ended up with, but anyway it did blend quite well with the yellow. i wonder whether paste food colouring is easier to blend or whether there are a lot of colour varieties on offer. they don't really sell the paste food colouring in supermarkets here, you have to go to specialist baking shops for that so i don't always get the chance to make it to town to buy them. i just have to cross fingers and hope for the best when i drip the drops in!

i was quite happy with the final result...the cupcake looks like it might not be too out of place on the table of Beatrix Potter...i don't why...maybe because of the colours. i loved Beatrix Potter as a child. all those tales of that scamp Peter Rabbit and the mischief he would get up to in Mr. McGregor's garden. he was such a lovable character. this is for him (though he probably wouldn't enjoy it half as much as his carrots!)


Anonymous said...

the more i look at your cupcake creations, the more i wish you were back here.. :( hope all is well with you.. take care much

Anonymous said...

Hi, these are lovely! The colours are beautiful, however I do know what you mean about not knowing what colour you will end up with when using liquid colours. You will have to open up a sugarcraft shop in Ireland!

Anonymous said...

I love the colour combination. It is very Peter Rabbit now that you mention it! Lemon and macadamia is such a creative combo too! :)

Finla said...


Unknown said...

hey jeannette - missing you too...hope singapore is hot and sunny...cos ireland is cold and windy...hmph!

hi helen, yup i DEFINITELY need to open my own sugarcraft shop and i'm glad someone else feels the same way about mixing those darn liquid colours!

lorraine, the lemon and macadamia tasted really good together. i just love the texture of macadamia nuts, so unlike any other of their relations!

thanx happy cook for stopping by

Fairygodmother said...

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