Tuesday, 18 March 2008

happy st. patrick's day at the parade in dublin!

samba man
cute as a cupcake!
purple delight
pretty in pink
technicolour dream
perfect princess

sob, sob, no, i didn't have the chance to go green in the kitchen today...i thought i would pass up the opportunity to fall into the guinness/bailey's-laden cupcake trap and instead take to the streets to see the annual st. paddy's day parade in dublin city and boy, am i glad i did...it was fantastic. full of colours, vibrancy, music and wonderful characters...just great! although it was a sunny but chilly spring day, the rain stayed away and the energy of the paraders made up for any lack of warmth! seeing things like this can often provide great inspiration in baking (believe it or not!) as the designs and tones of the costumes encourage one to think of future icing decorations and possible colour combinations. i love getting inspiration from somewhere like this. the most interesting part of all though, is that even though i am irish, this is my first time to see the st. paddy's day parade live! before i either watched it on tv or was not living here. so why this year? well, my hubby and i just moved back to ireland end of last year and this was his first st. patrick's day in ireland and i bit the bullet and decided to brave the crowds and let his first st. paddy's day be a memorable one. and who knows...after the inspiration from this year's parade i might just be back again!


Anonymous said...

Haha well I guess I leapt on the bandwagon with my chocolate and Guinness cupcakes!

The parade looks great. Is there a theme to it or do people wear all sorts of costumes? They look very fairy/fantasy like.

Unknown said...

yes but lorraine your guinness cupcakes looked divine (they'd made me wish i HAD made some! you're definitely an inspirational baker!)
the parade was a blast. i think the theme was energy for this year and people can interpret it any way they want!

Anonymous said...

I suppose I felt like everyone had made the same thing and it wasn't very different or interesting :lol: Ahhh ok, so each year has a different theme? Interesting!