Friday, 28 March 2008

black bottom cupcakes...are we being politically correct?

i've always thought 'black bottom cupcakes' were very interestingly named. i mean, why black bottom and not white top or heaven forbid, white breast? in this day and age of political correctness perhaps they are in need of a rename!

my personal reason for making these is much more rude and see i'm married to a malay singaporean who comes from boyanese ancestry. the boyanese have their own language which my mother-in-law speaks fluently with her relatives. it's pretty different to regular malay and when i first met my husband i asked him to teach me some. well, boys being boys (or should i say boy-anese being boy-anese) he taught me the very things that one should never say to ones mother-in-law in their native language! the first thing he taught me was black bottom!!!!! (and yes, i still went ahead and married him) so the boyanese for black bottom is burik na celeng. well, we're going to chill out with some friends of ours later this evening and she is also singaporean (not boyanese though) anyway when i first told her that my husband was of boyanese descent...what did she say? but burik na celeng! amazing! it's like the ONE phrase that anyone who is not boyanese knows in boyanese. so, in my own deranged, weird sense of humour way, i have made burik na celeng cupcakes to bring over to her place! i'm sure she'll enjoy them because she has a great sense of humour.

ok, now down to the nitty-gritty of making them. i read a bit on the internet about black bottom cupcakes and the various disasters that can occur (always best to be prepared for the worst!) but actually they didn't really help that much. i made the recipe from vanilla garlic's blog as it was and divided up the cream cheese mix...adding blackberry jam to one half and white chocolate chips to the other. spooned the cream cheese on top of the chocolate cupcake batter and popped them in the oven. the cupcakes rose up nicely and then when i took them out depressed a little in the middle (which i was expecting) but overall i think that these are not the most attractive looking cupcakes that one can make - maybe i added too much cream cheese to the top of each one. but they sure make up for the lack of beauty in the taste department. chocolate and baked cheesecake is just so good together. really really good. my brother just polished off three straight, one after the other...i wish i had a high metabolic rate...some things are just not fair!


Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Wish I had that metabolism too, although I'm sure my poor arteries would suffer b/c I'd definitely take advantage.

These look *so* good, and I love the story "behind" them...hah!

Anonymous said...

Hehe love your commentary on these cupcakes about the political correctness of such a name! :lol:

Unknown said...

hi bleeding espresso...the story "behind" them!!! brilliant!

hey lorraine, black bottom doesn't even sound attractive...all my family gave me a weird look when i told them that was what they were called!

Anonymous said...

Hi Airy Fairy!! Your black bottom cupcakes inspired me to have a go at this super pretty cupcake! Thanks also for your comments - it's a bit tough when you first start out in the blogging world, but then when I look around at more established blogs, such as yours and see how many hits you guys get...well that's more inspiration right there :)

Just lovely stuff!


Unknown said...

thanks fifilacupcakes! glad to be an inspiration! it's tough sometimes when u are just starting out, but you'll definitely get there...just bake and persist and join as many food blog events as possible to put yourself out there!