Saturday, 8 March 2008

my very first cakes, baby!

we were at my friends place for dinner on wednesday and brought the lemon cupcakes pictured below. anyway, during the evening she mentioned that she was going to a christening over the weekend and would have loved to bring the little lemon cupcakes with her! well, never one to beat around the bush, i said that i would gladly take orders and, surprise, surprise, she jumped at the chance. i was so very first order! she chose 'caramel' as the flavour and for decorations just stipulated that they be something pink, because the baby is a girl! so this evening i set to work and had so much fun decorating these little baby cakes. they are almost too adorable to eat with everything matching in pink and white. hope she likes them when i pass them to her tomorrow and hope that this might be the start of more orders. a big thanks to her for having the faith in my baking!

also i want to say a big hooter-tooter, whopper-doo-dah of a 'thank you' to everyone who visits my blog and supports me with comments on how i'm doing. i have just received 1,000 visitors since starting to put my blog out there in february of this year and it feels so good to have made it to 4 figures! you guys ROCK!


CB said...

absolutely adorable babycakes! congrats on the hits baby!

Anonymous said...

Oooh how fabulous!!! I just adore the colour palette you used for these, its just dreamy :)

Chef Jeena said...

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industrialpoppy said...

oh my goodness...I am almost sorry that I came across your beautiful blog...I'll be eating all night, now!

Anonymous said...

I nominated you for the blogger awards-see here! :)

Unknown said...

thank u lorraine! u rock for nominating me :)

The Caked Crusader said...

These look great - the strong but simple colour palette makes them particularly striking.
So pretty!

Unknown said...

thanks caked crusader...i must admit they are one of my favourites for the way they delicate...perfect for a baby girl!