Sunday, 2 March 2008

airy fairy cupcakes gets a makeover!

so, i finally decided to give my blog a fabulous makeover...well we all deserve one, don't we? and seeing as my blog has become such a part of my life i figured it was time to give it the treatment it deserves.
a huge thanks to jess at cuppycake designs for putting up with me and creating such a fabulous logo. i just adore that little cupcake dressed up as an airy fairy! if any of you are thinking of giving your precious spaces a do-over then definitely get in touch with her.
so now, tell me, what do y'all think???


CB said...

Absolutely freaking fierce!! I love it. Jess rocks! :)

Nikki @ NikSnacks said...

Cute. Oh, so very cute!

S.V. Bristol Rose said...
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S.V. Bristol Rose said...

Love your space - it's adorable!
How I miss Lamington butterfly cakes and all those other sweet "cake shop" delights.

Maria♥ said...

Love it. I'm a lover of anything and everything cupcake!


Yours truly said...

Heys Sinead

Love the new look! And yes, the logo is too cute, really represents airy fairy cupcakes! :)

Unknown said...

so glad you all agree with me...that it's a little piece of heaven for my blog :)

Anty Harton said...

Wow, very lovely new look Sinead. I love the colour and the polka dots. Remind me of the new crockery range in M&S that I really want to have.