Friday, 24 August 2007

cookies 'n' cream delights!

ok, so i tried to experiment with my actual cupcake recipe and be a bit more i made my newly named 'cookies and cream' cupcakes in honour of Rina and Diana's birthday. this time i made the bigger sized cupcakes and they are definitely a lot more substantial and have a lot more room on top for actual decorating so that helps. when i was making the fairy cakes i alternated with putting an oreo cookie and a hershey's cookie and cream kiss at the bottom of each cupcake case. the results were pretty good as the oreo cookie becomes soft but the hershey kiss hardens back into chocolate so next time instead of putting it in the bottom i should drop it into the middle of the batter. then came the decorating which is my favourite part.... i just like coming up with interesting designs, so as these are 'cookie and cream' cupcakes i decided to stick to those for the decorating too. and i love the way they all look in the dish....almost too good to eat....for a moment! i shall enjoy giving these to my two friends to celebrate their birthday and i hope they enjoy them too.

Sunday, 12 August 2007

sophistication takes a front seat with mini choccie cupcakes!

ok, so it's been a little while since i made some cupcakes and never one to dwell on or search for reasons, i remembered that we are going to visit my sister-in-law tomorrow who recently found out that she is pregnant with twins. so what better way to celebrate than with cupcakes. i used the chocolate chip recipe and also tried a coconut one too. however the coconut one could have had a more distinct coconut taste if you ask me - i do love that flavour. but perhaps others don't so much so maybe it's better off. I decided to be much more adventurous with the decorations than last time and experiment more with the icing bag and i'm really pleased with the results. i managed to create four different 'looks' for the cupcakes and each one in it's very own way is quite sophisticated and not as kiddy as my previous creations. i especially like the one with the malteser on top which i piped with little stars around it and surprisingly it wasn't that tricky once I got the hang of it. the others are with chocolate rice sprinkles, an oreo wafer stuck in the top and a cookie and star piped on top. anyway i'm looking forward to giving them to her tomorrow and hey, straight off the bat she gets three!