Saturday, 4 December 2010

Marbled Banana Chocolate Bundt there's a mouthful!

banana and chocolate, chocolate and banana...always a good combination in my book and in this bundt cake a little bite of perfection in every piece. i've been making this recipe for a while now and it is a firm favourite in my household and is frequently requested...again i am blessed to be living in a country where when you go to the supermarket there is a selection of maybe 5 or 6 different types of bananas on sale and each variety perfect for different uses. i think this is the secret that makes this cake so good. i use pisang ambon, which means banana ambon, ambon being a place in Indonesia where the banana comes from. the bananas are deliciously sweet and soft and the longer you leave them the more sweeter the taste. the original recipe calls for 4 mashed bananas, i use 6 when i make this because the bananas gives such a lovely moistness to the cake as well as the addition of a cup of yoghurt. there's something about bundt cakes...they just look so comforting and adorable that i love making cakes in my super-expensive but most worth it bundt pan...ABSOLUTE comfort food!

Monday, 1 November 2010

cupcakes dressed as rainbows...for halloween...and much more...

so i needed a challenge for this year's Halloween cupcakes and what better challenge than to attempt 'rainbow cakes'...because let's face it...anyone who is insane enough to go to all that trouble of dividing up batter, adding food colouring, then spooning each colour patiently into each cup in layers...well it takes time, patience and a whole lotta love for rainbows. and thankfully i have all those well as the ones necessary for the cupcakes! i just used a regular vanilla cupcake recipe that i'm sure is lurking around my site somewhere and then i divided it up and added the food colours. easy to make but time consuming to complete...but so fun when they come out of the oven and you see rainbows baked into cakes and then you take a bite...and wow! you just feel sunshine and love oozing out of you. unfortunately the one in the photo was not the best specimen, the rest had to be divided up amongst party guests so this one was the 'extra' photo model that i made but unfortunately didn't have quite enough batter for...hence the uneven lopsidedness to it...!

these were made for a halloween party last night, and not just to celebrate halloween because every year halloween has a special meaning for me now, for not only is it my favourite celebration of the year, it is also the day exactly a year ago when i met a very special someone who has cascaded into my life with such grace and brought all the colours of the rainbow with him back into my days. and so these were made for halloween, for a one year anniversary and for love...

i would absolutely make these again, even with all the time it took because the look on people's faces as they bit into them was joy unrivalled in itself. they are just such happy little cakes and next time i might attempt a big cake if it's someone's birthday because i think the effect of the rainbow might just be a little more perfect in a big cake.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

sunshine and joy in a cup...on sale NOW!

ok today is a super happy, sunshine-y, joyfilled cupcakes went on sale today at Green Ginger House in Jl. Pantai Brawa, Canggu, Bali...the flavour of the day...lemongrass-lime cupcakes...a lemongrass cupcake with lime cream cheese frosting and little candied limes to decorate. may this be the beginning of a beautiful realtionship and may airy fairy cupcakes be instantly snapped up and orders they are all happily lined up in their transportation case waiting to go...don't they look happy...i can almost hear them chirping...'we're going on sale, we're going on sale, hey-ho the merry-oh, we're going on sale'...:)

Saturday, 28 August 2010

cheesecake brownies...a perfect combination

i totally forgot i made these while i was in ireland and was browsing through my photos and found them. cheesecake brownies...don't knock 'em till you've tried them...the combination of chocolate and cheese together is so incredibly good and these were so delicious hot, straight from the oven with a big blob of vanilla ice-cream. i could have eaten them all (and probably nearly did!) because i fell blissfully in love with these two paired together, so as to create a cozy little love-triangle between us. i think, if i also remember correctly there was guinness mixed in with the chocolate batter because i was on a guinness kick, what with being back at home. and i remember now that the guinness enhanced the chocolate particularly well, making it rich and fudgy. don't ask me where the recipe is...i think scribbled on a piece of paper down the back of some table in my parents house in ireland. i know i scoured the internet for a couple of recipes and then did a bit of a merger between them. it might reappear some point

Friday, 25 June 2010

a return to the old country with Guinness Brown Bread

so how does one celebrate stepping back into the Emerlad Isle after an absence of 2 years? well what better way than with some Guinness Brown Bread. when it comes to Guinness, i am very proud to say that us Irish are a bunch of snobs...yes, that's right, there is such a thing as a Guinness snob...basically no Irish person would ever really enjoy a pint of the 'black stuff' beyond the Emerald Isle...and even within the Emerald Isle itself there are certain pubs where we would go purely to drink Guinness because of the way the pint is 'pulled' from the tap. it is a culture to really enjoy my return to the 'old country' i needed to incorporate some of the black stuff into my baking to truly get back into the mood...the bread turned out delicious. it was rich and full of the flavour of the Guinness. if i made this again though, i wouldn't add the demerara sugar because i think it made it too sweet and less bread-like and with the treacle already added i think it provides enough sweetness to the bread. and according to others who have tasted Guinness bread, it should be a tad i would need to re-think how to darken the bread some more because it didn't appear dark enough for my liking. but overall i was really pleased with the result...with no eggs or yeast in this recipe, it both rose and was of a traditional irish bread density.

Guinness Brown Bread

450g coarse wholemeal

2 level teaspoons bread soda

25g pinhead oatmeal

4 tablespoons demerara sugar

50g margarine

1 tablespoon treacle

400 ml guinness

preheat oven to 190C and lightly grease a 2lb loaf tin

put margarine and treacle in a saucepan and allow margarine to melt

meanwhile put wholemeal, oatmeal and sugar into bowl. sieve in bread soda and mix well

when margarine has melted add guinness and stir

add liquid to dry ingredients and mix well

transfer to tin and bake for about 40-50 minutes until risen

wrap in a clean cloth and allow to cool.

eat slathered with good creamy know you want to...