Monday, 22 October 2007

introducing the 'reuben special' and some devil's food cupcakes too!

the sunday club got together again and so i was busy in the kitchen....this time i had a special request to work with....reuben had seen a recipe in nigella's cookbook for peanut butter and snickers muffins and he really wanted some. so i decided to do a bit of editing as muffin batter is different to cupcakes. changed the batter, and chopped the snickers and added them in...the result...well see for yourself the photos of the 'naked' reuben and the iced one! the taste was really good...very peanut-y and the snickers had melted to form this lovely gooey chewy-ness in the middle. i made chocolate buttercream for the icing and it was soooooo good i could have just sat down on the floor and devoured the whole bowl without even putting it on the damn things! i made some 'devil's food' cupcakes to go along because not everyone digs peanuts and well, you can't go wrong with chocolate.... iced those guys with cream cheese frosting and the combo was pretty divine as the texture of the cake is truly soft and spongey....that should satisfy the sugar cravings for a few days....or few minutes as the case may be!

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