Thursday, 15 November 2007

a fitting farewell....

so, yesterday was my last day with my darling kindergarten 1 children at chiltern house crescent road and i planned a farewell in a style that only a serious cupcaker could - a cupcake decorating afternoon. i baked a batch of devil's food cupcakes (cos they're soft and delicious) and left them 'naked'. then i brought them in with an array of decorating goodies (hershey's candy coated kisses, regular kisses, cherries, chocolate sticks, rainbow sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles...) and of course some icing. i let my little darlings ice and decorate their own cupcakes and they loved it! definitely if i ever have my own shop i will organise a cupcake party pack - cos it went down a treat...they all had such beautiful ideas and really enjoyed getting their fingers gooey with the icing! it was my perfect parting gift to them and as you can see...there are some budding cake decorators there in the works!

'the spider' created by tristen & 'the clown' created by miri

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