Monday, 8 October 2007

gourmet cupcakes - black forest and lemon meringue

so we had another get together of the 'sunday club' and i offered to do dessert...i wanted something a bit more gourmet and adult-like for the evening so i searched around and decided on black forest and lemon meringue cupcakes. i recently bought a crappy electric mixer (at sheng siong...i was desperate!) but it has been so helpful in preparing batters that i think without it i would have had blisters on my fingers! i'm secretly dreaming of owning a 'kitchen aid' they are truly an amazing mixer...but with a price tag to match so...ho hum, i might actually have to start selling cupcakes before i can get one of those! both batters were pretty easy to make. the lemon meringue involved a lot more post-baking work as you had to cut out the middle of the cupcake and fill it with lemon cream and then replace, top with the merinue and re-bake...but i love finding the whole thing highly therapeutic! overall i was really happy with the taste of both. for the black forest cupcake, i used the recipe from an absolute fav blog of mine and it was truly divine. i added black cherries to the batter and they just blended in so well. at first i wanted to top with fresh cream but living in Singapore has it's cons in that everything just whip cream and a few seconds later it's turned into liquid again...pointless! anyway they went down really well at the get-together and there were leftovers so i brought some back and took them to work today...very well received as well. i aim to please...what else can i say?

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