Friday, 28 September 2007

apple cinnamon cupcakes

ok, so finally i have made my own creation. these were inspired by the muffins for sale at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf - the apple cinnamon ones. they're my favourite and i wanted to try and re-create them. so i used a regular cupcake batter, then for the topping i basically stewed together sliced apples, cinnamon, water, maple syrup and brown sugar. i let it stew for awhile so that the syrup became thick. then once i'd put the batter in to the holders, i spooned the topping on top. popped them in the oven and wow! hubby went out for a walk and came back and said he could smell them from downstairs! the overall result was fabulous and i think better than those at CB & TL as these taste like mini apple pies...made me realise how much i miss my nana's good ol' fashioned home-baked apple pie! the nice part is that when the syrup baked it soaked down into the cupcake sponge and made it taste scrumptious....hmmm, i said i'd just eat one to taste but....oh dear! they seem to be calling my name from the kitchen so...cheerio for now!

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Taxi Driver said...

No fair posting delicious pictures, I have coffee and no muffins!

Great pictures!