Monday, 17 September 2007

tiramisu in a cup!

so, Fiona, decided to invite a gang of us over to her housesitting flat for an evening of food, fun and frolics on Sunday evening. it was a fantastic evening! one of those great kind of evenings where everyone contributes something - either food or drinks. there's a nice chill-out feeling as people get together and hang out. love it! my contribution, of course, was dessert. i offered because i wanted to try out this recipe i had found for tiramisu cupcakes. i'm so thrilled because i think these are my favourite i have made to date. the sponge (which involved the process of separating the eggs and mixing them separately then adding back together - bit of a nightmare but definitely worth it) was so light and airy, it was just divine. the topping (involving mascarpone cheese and cream) was also so fabulously floaty that the whole combo was enough to whisk you away on a soft fluffy cloud! i love it when you make a recipe discovery and it actually turns out to be amazing. there were extras left over, so lucky colleagues at work will get the remainder tomorrow. but this is definitely a keeper and one to be made again - perfect for dinner parties because it is a tad more spohisticated than those brighty coloured LSD inspired cupcakes that look like colour explosions and are far more appropriate for fun birthday parties and such. the next meeting of the 'Sunday Club' is 7th October so I've got time to get my thinking cap on and come up with something for then......hmmmmm

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sara angel said...

aw you're not posting a recipe? but they look so yummy! i really want to make these!