Thursday, 3 April 2008

a surprising discovery - irish handmade dark couverture chocolate bar

i have just come back from the supermarket with a most surprising irish handmade dark couverture chocolate bar! i'm sure most of you are probably wondering why this would be surprising...well, i do the rounds of dublin supermarkets looking for interesting ingredients to enhance and explore in my cupcakes and i have never seen this before in any of them. furthermore, in this day and age when most reputable chocolate comes from ghirardelli and valrhona, it was most encouraging to find a bar of couverture chocolate that was 'home' made here in Ireland (it's only available in Superquinn).
first and foremost let me say how impressed i am with the initial once over...the wrapping is absolutely lovely...a beige paper wrapper with brown writing that has an almost faded look and underneath this a gold foil wrapper covering the chocolate. it reminds me of what a bar of chocolate might have looked like 50 or 60 years ago. a real old-school feel to it. the bar itself is huge. very chunky and substantial so that you feel like 'hey, i'm gonna get a good few creations out of this!'
the company that make it, O'Conaill, are based in Co. Cork. no website that i could track down which again makes me feel like these guys like to kick it old-school style! brilliant, i love that concept...especially in this day and age where chocolate is all shiny-wrapped and comercialised to attract the customer by the way it looks on the outside with its fancy packaging. this bar definitely appeals to the traditional me.
nope, i'm not getting paid by them to blatantly promote their product - i'd never subject you all to that kind of treatment. i'm just so excited to be able to find irish chocolate that i just had to share it with you. and of course, i'm even more excited to start creating with it. hmmm, what shall i do first? maybe some good ol' fashioned chocolate cupcakes to really discover what irish chocolate tastes like.
stay tuned for taste-test, appearance-test and ultimately baking-test!


Big Boys Oven said...

Irish handmade dark couverture chocolate bar, wow! you must be kidding, this is very very interesting, any good?

Stef said...

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Unknown said...

hey big boys oven..i shall let you know what it's like when i bake with it tomorrow and give it the real test!

hi stef...yup, got my thinking cap on. definitely think though it's better to keep it simple so i can taste that chocolate!

beenz said...

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Happy Baking!!!!!

beenz said...

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Happy Baking!!!