Saturday, 5 April 2008

cupcakes with a message go on film set again!

oh, god forgive me if i have committed some kind of insane sin by theming my precious cupcakes for a movie shoot about drugs...but what is one to do when one's younger brother asks for such a thing? so last week it was his movie shoot and this weekend it is one of his classmates. they are filming out in Co. Wicklow, in the middle of nowhere and because the cupcakes went down so well at the last shoot, he hinted wildly at the most welcome prospect of some for this weekend - to get that sugar kick and keep everyones energy up.
so, when he produced the script and i read a story about a drug dealer in an accident on a country road...i scratched my head. how to do something themed but still tasteful! the drugs involved in the story, heroin, were being transported in the dealers car in brick form (hence my three little bricks on one cupcake!) and involves the dealer being injured and getting out of the car and eventually leaving a trail of heroin behind him...hence the trail across the cupcakes. the one and only saving grace, i think, was the message to 'just say no'.
i used a caramel cupcake recipe for these ones, simply because they always turn out well and they are also my brothers favourite flavour. plus last week they all had chocolate ones so nice to have something different. iced them with vanilla buttercream. it's interesting because my brother specifically requested for the traditional cupcake cases, rather than the funky paper souffle cups that i have been using recently. he says the souffle ones are way to difficult to get the cupcake out of and make your fingers all messy with icing. so figuring where the crew will be i used traditional papers for ease of eating!
these are definitely the most 'interesting' theme i have ever had to work with, but hopefully, the crew will enjoy getting their hands on them out there in the midst of filming!


Anonymous said...

I love your Just Say No cupcakes. They are really cute and quirky!

Unknown said...

thank you, cupcakelady! the more i look at them, the more i like them! it was a challenge though thinking how to decorate them though!