Monday, 4 February 2008

sunday morning treat - french toast cupcakes

mmmmm, french toast...i just love french toast - especially in the morning and on's absolutely perfect weekend comfort food. so what about french toast re-created in a cupcake. now that sounds even more perfect! so this morning i got up and got baking. i used a basic cupcake recipe with the addition of cinnamon (oooo, the smell of it baking in the oven was yummy-licious!) while the cupcakes were baking, i hunted for some maple syrup and found some secreted away at the back of one of my parents' many crammed cupboards - this was for drizzling down through the baked cupcakes. then i set to work on the icing. i had some cream cheese icing in the freezer that i took out to defrost and once ready, added some cinnamon powder to that too, which turned it a lovely...well...cinnamon colour! once the cupcakes were baked, i poked some fork holes into the cupcakes (which i think i did too soon because they hadn't cooled enough and later kinda broke up on eating) and drizzled maple syrup down through the cupcake (oh ya, remember to cut back on sugar in the cupcake recipe!) then topped with the cinnamon cream cheese icing and some little chocolate chews. wow! it has never felt so good waking up on a sunday morning. the taste was superb...just like french toast and little brother had eaten 3 before i even had time to finish icing the rest!!! i love lazy sunday and french toast cupcakes...sublime!


jerbette said...

i miss you and ur cupcakes!!!

Thistlemoon said...

Those look really yummy. The icing especially sounds great as I am a lover of cinnamon. I also love the touch of maple syrup!

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(PS: I love the name of your blog! I just posted about Nutella Cupcakes on mine for World Nutella Day.)

Julie said...

Oooh...french toast cupcakes, sounds like heaven.

Anonymous said...

That plate and cup set is cute!

kate said...

those look and sound just amazing! i love me some french toast. all the better in cupcake form!

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