Thursday, 7 February 2008

devilishly undecided on these devil's food cupcakes

so my mum asked me to have a look and see if i could find any cupcake recipes that used brandy as she had a bottle of brandy that someone had given her as a present and thought it would be good to use some of it up....hmmmm, ok! so i found a recipe for a devil's food cupcake. now, i have made devil's food before, and it was really good, so i thought that the addition of brandy might work well. followed the recipe as stated and the batter was seriously RUNNY! i had to pour it into the cases (as opposed to scoop, spoon, etc.) when it came out of the oven, it looked decidedly interesting...very dark and heavy looking in the cases...gulp!...was this a sign of an impending cupcake-tastrophe! anyway i let them cool and iced them with vanilla buttercream icing - hubby even got in on the act and requested to try and ice a few...funny! then hubby grabbed one to try and i tasted some of the cake. the taste seemed fine but there was a strong presence of the brandy (hell, it IS strong stuff, right!) and this did seem to make the cupcakes heavy, in that, you didn't feel like you could just gobble another 4 or 5 of them down. for me, that's what i like so much about cupcakes, that they are usually so light and airy(fairy) but these cupcakes were not. i would recommend this one as a serious adult dessert only and alcohol-lovers at that! on the upside though, i got really creative with my icing designs and had the opportunity to try out ideas for the chinese new year cupcakes i'll be making on saturday for the Singapore expat group get-together.


Anty Harton said...

Really lovely frosting there Sinead. When I made my black forest cupcakes, I really could taste the alcohol and I like the taste of it (not so with the chocolate, maybe I should make non chocolate alcohol cupcake) but when I tried to make brandy buttercream, I couldn't really taste the brandy and it was just a waste because I love brandy. Maybe I just drink them with ginger ale. Oh, how about brandy gingerale cupcakes???

Stef said...

I just discovered your blog. Always love another blog with lots of cupcakes! Very cool!

Unknown said...

hi anty...hmm, brandy gingerale cupcakes - sounds interesting!

stef - thanks for stopping by...absolutely love your blog!