Tuesday, 29 January 2008

marmalade cupcakes with lime drizzle

so i've been really enjoying marmalade recently. my mum bought this jar of thick cut dark bitter marmalade (it's really dark brown as opposed to regular marmalade which is light orange) and it has been so good having it on my toast in the morning that it kinda wanna makes you wake up just to have breakfast! so i thought i'd try some marmalade cupcakes...i found a jar of not so dark marmalade in the fridge and thought i'd use that up. it wasn't too strong because i didn't want it to overpower the mixture. well it worked out just nice...the cupcakes had a lovely subtle taste of orange marmalade and then to top it off i made some lime drizzle to put on top just for that extra tangy bite. delicious and a great start to the day - sorta puts that extra 'zing' in your step as you head out the door!

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