Monday, 1 July 2013

Orange poppy seed Bundt cake...orangelicious!

I baked this awhile ago and realised I hadn't posted the photos. This cake was delicious with a rich orange flavour and the addition of those lovely blue poppy seeds gave it a real earthiness. Although the glaze was a simple orange and icing sugar mixture, when I make this again I would go for a marmalade glaze instead. I think marmalade would make it tangy and particularly pretty with the orange rind in it. I do have the recipe somewhere on my phone but I'll have to dig it out. I do remember it being quite similar to the lemon Bundt cake recipe I used but of course all lemon ingredients substituted with orange. The key is to find delicious, juicy oranges for that rich flavour and we are lucky at the moment in that we are inundated in the supermarket with amazing big Spanish oranges. There was a fight between household members to slurp the remaining juice out of the squeezer it was that good! By the time I got around to trying to photograph the inside of the cake, well, you can see what was left!

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