Wednesday, 7 May 2008

a change of domain...and chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!

i've been away for awhile hence the lack of cupcakes and now i'm in the process of switching domains so within the next few days, y'all can update the address for my blog and follow me to
blogger will apparently post a message to let all those know to follow me there, so don't get left behind now!

on another note, i just found out that i won another treat courtesy of BlakeMakes and Amano Chocolate yup, yup, i won chocolate! my favourite creation...the very substance that i could quite happily walk around with being fed into me by an iv drip! might get some looks, mind you, but if it meant that i would forever be high on chocolate for the rest of my life, well what better thing than that! i won 3 bars of Amano chocolate and it should be on its way pretty soon so again i shall be checking the post box regularly to make sure that the current heat wave we are experiencing here doesn't melt it away before i get to it! and of course, shall be scratching my head and thinking about what to make and trying not to think about eating it all instead!
stay tuned!
and while we are on the subject of chocolate, the reason i'm away from the kitchen for so long is because i am in the midst of helping out with a production of none other than...Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. i do some part-time work with a drama school here and they are performing their end-of-year production at the Civic in Tallaght. so anyone in the area...get on down and check it out. last night was opening night, and though i spent it all back stage, controlling packs of oompa-loompas. i believe it went really well! the perfect play to get me in the mood for my soon to be arriving chocolate, no?


Faery said...

Hello,I am Glad that you are back.About chocolate I think Faeries are chocoholic so if you decide to eat the chocolate is ok (but I rather you prepare a delicious cupcake I can copy he he he ), I can eat a kilogram per day and still want more.I was thinking about coating the mango jelly I did for the "Cinco De Mango Event" with dark chocolate to make a chocolate bonbon (bombon) filled with mango ;9

G said...

Mmmmmmmmm... wonderful prize. I've not heard of this chocolate... shall investigate forthwith! :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome! I am definitely a chocoholic.

Unknown said...

thanks faery...i'll be back in the kitchen again soon too...

thanks blog princess, chocolate is always a wonderful prize

hi cupcakelady, chocoholics rock!

Yours truly said...


Being fed chocolate through an IV drip sounds excellent ;)

Play sounds interesting, can't wait to see more of your creations at the new blog!

Take care :)

Faery said...

I have a present for you in my blog

Unknown said...

thanks rina...the blog is staying the same just the address changing to my own more blogspot in there!

thanks faery for the award! very much appreciated :)