Monday, 17 December 2007

double chocolate cupcakes - overdose on the stuff!

ok, so i made these as my contribution to the 'welcome back' dinner my younger brother's girlfriend organised in our honour. they were double chocolate because the cupcake was chocolate made with my favourite chocolate of all time - valrhona and the icing was white chocolate cream cheese...truly a divine combination. they went down a treat - my brother polished off a few at a time followed closely by my husband! plus, for decoration i found these heavenly bottles of sprinkles that have four varieties in one tub and they are really fun but classy (as opposed to rainbow sprinkles!) i don't know what it is about chocolate, i mean most of the time i could just walk around with the stuff pumping into me through an intravaenous's insane! but for now i'll just have to make do with double helpings of it in my cupcakes!

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